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Would you consider adoption?

Would you consider adoption?

So, another Christmas is over. After being surrounded by family, with rooms full of festive cheer, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year ahead.

The usual list of dreary New Year’s resolutions might look like this

1. Go on that diet I saw in the paper

2. Take up a hugely exciting and dangerous hobby

3. Finish clearing out the loft!

This year though you could make a resolution that really makes a difference: you could change a child’s life.

Many children have started the New Year without a loving family. They need nurture and stability, they need a family who can give them the best start in life. So many children still wait for this.

There is a great need for prospective adopters to come forward and provide these children with the ‘forever family’ they really need. Adoption can change these children’s futures.

You can be single or married, gay or straight, and from any ethnic background. As long as you can offer a child a safe and permanent environment you could be suitable for adoption. Local authorities and adoption agencies all over Britain are urging prospective adopters to come forward and consider adopting as there is a very real need to give these children the families they deserve.

You could make a real difference this year. Why not build your family through adoption?


About the author

Families that Last is the family finding service of After Adoption. They strive to find families for the many children waiting in the care system and offer lifelong support to adopters throughout their adoption journey.

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