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Women’s Halloween costume fails

Women’s Halloween costume fails

Quite frankly, we’re a little tired of, each year, going in search of the perfect Halloween costume, only to be presented with the option of ‘Sexy Witch’, or ‘Sexy Joker From Batman’ costumes. Last time we checked, Halloween costumes were supposed to be scary. Nowadays, it seems you can turn anything into something suggestive!

Whilst conducting our search, we came across some extremely dodgy outfits, and picked some of our favourite Women’s Halloween costume fails. Some of these are really just beyond ridiculous, and worse, some of them are officially licensed!

Sexy Bert and Ernie – Yes, as in, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. For what reason?

Sexy Finding Nemo – Okay, we love the film, and Nemo is very cute. However, what they’ve successfully managed to do with this costume, is ruin one of our favourite Disney Pixar films. Thanks a lot costume manufacturers!

Sexy Pickachu – Come on, every Pokemon character has a provocative side… right?!

Sexy Monopoly Board – Okay now they’re just being stupid.

Sexy Etch-a-sketch – Wait, what?

A birthing woman – No your eyes do not deceive you. You can now go to a Halloween party as a birthing woman. A woman giving birth. This photo was too graphic to include, but you can only imagine, and we’re sure you don’t want to.

Tampax – This is an actual costume. You can buy this costume on the internet.

If you’re planning a quiet night in and are dreading the thought of trick or treaters disturbing you every so often, check out our secrets to on how to deal with them.

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