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WIN! Enough NHS-Prescribable NYDA to help free your child’s whole class of head lice – Plus £100 in Superdrug vouchers

WIN! Enough NHS-Prescribable NYDA to help free your child’s whole class of head lice – Plus £100 in Superdrug vouchers

Head lice lotion NYDA® is giving At Home readers the chance to win 30 family sized boxes of NYDA® (92% Dimeticone) –, scientifically proven to help FREE kids of head lice and their eggs¹ – plus £100 in Superdrug vouchers.

Every year, over 4 million children in the UK each experience at least 2.4 infestations of head lice.2,3 Fortunately, NYDA® (92% Dimeticone) is scientifically proven to kill head lice in just one minute and their eggs (nits) in eight hours, helping to free children of itching and discomfort from lice.4,5,6,7,8

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s (NICE) Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) reviewed all available scientific data on UK head lice treatments and found that NYDA® (92% Dimeticone) was a highly effective treatment in killing head lice and their eggs meeting their objectives and goals.¹

Two simple applications of pleasant, safe, easy‐to‐use NYDA® lotion are scientifically proven to help free 97 out of 100 children from head lice and their eggs.¹

NYDA® (92% Dimeticone) works by suffocating head lice, larvae and their eggs.5 Dimeticone is a form of silicone so safe that it is used for treating colic in babies, and it also moisturises and protects the skin. NYDA® is not a pesticide, which means you will not be using harmful chemicals on your child’s skin or on yours.

NYDA® can be prescribed FREE of charge to children under the age of 16 years by your GP on the NHS, or it can be purchased from independent pharmacies, Superdrug Pharmacy stores and online at

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  1. Closing date is 29th May 2013.
  2. This offer is only open to UK mainland residents only.
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