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WIN! A set of luxury ayurvedic skincare from Vinies worth nearly £360!

WIN! A set of luxury ayurvedic skincare from Vinies worth nearly £360!

Do you want smooth, youthful, radiant skin using purely natural ingredients that have been carefully hand-picked and hand-prepared?  If so, do not miss this offer.

The offer is a full set of skincare from Vinies (Ayurveda’s Soul) worth just under £360 completely free. Vinies (Ayurveda’s Soul) is my own favourite skincare range. It was love at first use.

Vinies products are all-natural and all-pure. The rare and unique herbs that they contain are hand-cleaned, hand-separated, and hand-extracted with all due attention and care. The ensuing skincare recipes leave your skin softer, bouncier, and younger.

There are six products in the Vinies range:

  • Vinies Instant Face Lift Mask (£59.95)

  • Vinies Dry Skin Dew Drops (£59.95)

  • Vinies Age Defiance Cream (£59.95)

  • Vinies Luminous Skin Mask (£59.95)

  • Vinies Pearl White Skin Lightening Mask (£59.95)

  • Vinies Perfect Cleavage Cream (£59.95)

Click this link to see a video presenting these six products:

My personal three staples are the Instant Face Lift Mask, the Dry Skin Dew Drops, and the Age Defiance Cream. Together, they are transforming my skin and they are a thorough pleasure to use.

Vinies Instant Face Lift Mask adds oxygen to your skin, tightens and firms, and diminishes lines and wrinkles.  It is best used just before bed.  For optimum benefit, it should be followed up with Vinies Dry Skin Dew Drops. Click this link to see a video on the benefits of this mask:

Vinies Dry Skin Dew Drops are not just for dry skin. This bouquet of oils and herbs nourishes your skin, enhances your complexion, and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. If you do your Instant Face LIft Mask treatment just before bed and apply Vinies Dry Skin Dew Drops to your skin straight after, the following morning you are in for an incredible complexion. In addition, Vinies Dry Skin Dew Drops can be used on your hair to make it shiny, soft, and moist. With its gorgeous fragrance, the serum is a joy to use, whatever use you put it to! Click this link to see a video on the benefits of this product:

Vinies Age Defiance Cream is a light and fluffy face moisturiser that softens and nourishes your skin. If you use it in combination with the Instant Face Lift Mask and the Dry Skin Dew Drops, you will see rapid facial rejuvenation.

Vinies Luminous Skin Mask evens skin tone, brightens the complexion, and makes your skin glow. It can also clear acne and breakouts. The redness and heat caused by this mask are signs of its efficacy and last no more than half an hour. If necessary, you can alleviate these symptoms by pressing a cold, wet flannel to your face. Once the mask has done its job, you will thank it; your skin will gleam and glow.

Vinies Pearl White Skin Lightening Mask clears hyper-pigmentation (age spots), lightens sun damaged skin, evens skin tone, and leaves skin radiant and soft. Use it on your face neck and hands to lighten their colour and fade any blemishes. If you experience heat and redness straight after using the mask, do not be alarmed; it is a sign that the mask is working and your skin will be fine again within half an hour. You can also put a cold, wet flannel on your skin to help alleviate these symptoms. What you end up with is beautifully soft, lightened, gleaming skin. Click this link to see a video on the benefits of this mask:

Vinies Perfect Cleavage Cream is a fragrant mix of oils and herbs that will soften and rejuvenate your decolletage. I always sell out of these and my customers are invariably prepared to wait weeks for it!

How To Enter

For a chance to win this fabulous set of skincare products from Vinies, fill in your information into the data form below.

Terms & Conditions.

  1. Closing date 2nd December 2014.

  2. Competition open to UK residents aged 18 and above only.

  3. All completed forms received by 21st November 2014 will be entered into the randomly selected prize draw.

  4. There will be one winner only. If we should be out of stock of the product at the time that the winner is selected, we will offer an equivalent cash alternative.

  5. The prize will be delivered to your UK address, home or work. If we are offering you an equivalent cash alternative, a cheque will be sent instead.

  6. The winner’s name will be made available on request.

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