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WIN! A psychic telephone reading from Patrick Deadman

patrick deadmanMuch like a regular therapist, psychics, mediums and mystics claim they fulfil the role of a counsellor, helping people to work through their issues. And with readings now offered on the internet, over the phone and even in shopping centres, people are using psychics more than ever to help with problems or questions.

Today’s modern psychic has come a long way from old-style mediums who gazed into crystal balls and dressed in gypsy-style costumes. Enter Patrick Deadman; a clairvoyant and psychic counsellor who has been practising his unique gift in West Leake, Leicestershire for many years and has built a reputation that has clients travel from as far as London.

A regular guests on local and BBC radio stations, Patrick also holds personal readings and group bookings and runs development workshops and performs stage talks about the psychic world. We spoke to Patrick to find out more about his work…

When did you first realise that you had a gift?
It’s partly a cultural thing – my family are Romany travellers  and I believe that everyone has a sense of intuition, to one degree or another. It’s part of our tradition. My grandmother was a psychic, and she used to have people come round to her trailer and she used to do readings for them. When I was a little lad, I used to go round and spend time with her and she used to say to me, “you’ll be doing this one day”. I didn’t know what she meant but when I got to about 14 or 15 years old, I realised that I could look at people and know things about them. At school, I remember being able to tell people things about themselves – it used to frighten some people but others found it fascinating!

How did you go about pursuing your gift?
At the age of 16, I started pursuing my gift by sitting in development circles and then started taking services at spiritualist churches. The spiritualist church was geared up to prove existence after death but that wasn’t something that I wanted to do. I remember feeling a spiritual calling towards something, and realised the gift wasn’t just something to impress people with but that I could use it to help people and guide them in life. I’ve been brought up as a Roman Catholic, and my family believe that we aren’t just a physical being but we have a spiritual identity as well. With my spiritual morals and ethics, I realised I had something that I could help people with – something that’s biblical, but also still modern today. I started doing private readings at weekends and found that people were spreading the word about me, and coming back to me which of course, built my confidence. I soon realised that I was making more money from my psychic readings than from my full-time job at a factory in Loughborough, and when I handed my notice in, all my colleagues laughed at me and thought I was a fool – but I believe it was my destiny to do this.

How would you describe what you do?
I class myself as a counsellor. I represent the power of love, help repair damaged souls, help people who have been hurt from the past and I can see present events and predict where they’re leading to.

What would you say to any sceptics of your work?
One of the things that people say to me is, “You must get a lot of vulnerable people to see you”. While this is sometimes the case, I also get people who are not vulnerable, people who are quite professional and people from all walks of life; you can’t generalise on who chooses to go and see a psychic. Others believe that all physics are con artists, so what I would say to the sceptics is this; you’ve got to understand the science of how this works. We all know that the sub-conscious is an incredibly powerful tool and if you think about it, we are animals in our physical form but we have something that no other animal has and that’s called imagination. People belittle imagination but if it wasn’t for imagination we wouldn’t have invented or created anything at all. There are sceptics about everything (for example, people once though we couldn’t fly to the moon) but the mind proves that it can break through any sort of barrier. To be able to tap into your sub-conscious is something that I do every day and I’m very willing to talk to any sceptics, tune into them and tell them what I see about them; just open your mind.

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