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WIN! A Liberty Flights stop smoking kit

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For those of you who have not heard of E Cigarettes or ‘vaping’ before, it is the new way of smoking, without actually smoking!

Available in a spectrum of flavours to reproduce the taste of your regular brand of cigarette, E liquid is administered by being atomised by the E Cig into a fine mist or vapour.  The effect or ‘hit’ is the same as what is experienced with conventional cigarettes.  The way that ‘vaping’ allows nicotine to be absorbed into the brain via the mouth, throat and lungs means that the effect is immediate and mimics smokers usual habits but removes a large proportion of the unpleasantness including the lingering smell of stale smoke.

Within the UK, E Cigarettes are rapidly becoming more popular as a fresh alternative to smoking tobacco products and here at Liberty Flights we are fast becoming one of the most recognised and best respected suppliers in the world.

Typically E-Cigarettes are made up of three component parts, a rechargeable battery, an atomising (or heating) element and a cartridge containing nicotine fluid. The synthesised fluid is made up from a glycol based liquid that has nicotine and flavourings and when heated the user inhales and exhales plumes of vapour into the air.

Many thousands of people are using E Cigarettes and E Liquid as an alternative to the more dangerous act of smoking.  Use of the device indoors is generally permitted and this is truly becoming a safer and healthier alternative to cigarettes.

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The prize is a starter kit of the winner’s choice, subject to availability and 3 x 30ml of E Liquid.

Three prizes to give away.

For your chance to win just fill in the form and answer the question below:

Terms & Conditions
1. Closing date is 24th March 2012
2. Winner must be 18 or over.
3. See Liberty Flights for further T&C’s.
4. This offer is only open to UK residents.
5. For standard EMP Competition terms and conditions click here

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