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WIN! A Glucasan+ 60 capsule tub worth £22.99

WIN! A Glucasan+ 60 capsule tub worth £22.99

beta_glucan_bottle_frontWe have 12 Glucasan+ 60 capsule tubs to give away for twelve lucky at home readers so why not enter now.

Use Glucasan®+ to naturally kick start your body’s defence system to help boost natural immunity, fight against infection or just stay at your very best. The Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 in Glucasan®+ is in a maximum bio-available concentration and is proven to kick-start the immune system and help your body fight infection, stay well and function at its optimum.

Benefits of Glucasan+

● Helps fight allergy.

● Helps prevent infections such as cold and flu.

● Adds extra natural protection to simply to maintain the very best of health.

● Boosts immunity at times of stress and strain when it is weakened.

What are Glucans and how do they work? Beta-Glucans are specialised carbohydrates built up of glucose molecules. They occur naturally in yeast, mushrooms and certain plants.

Beta-Glucans from different sources come in various types and structures, with different effects in the body. The beta glucans in Glucasan+, derived from baker’s yeast, are the best documented and most effective immuno-modulators available.

What is so special about immune function? Our bodies rely on various immune systems to stay healthy and free from illness and physical deterioration. For centuries we have been constantly beset by bacterial and viral threats but in today’s over sanitised environment our immune systems have less to do and as a result they have been weakened.

Why specifically Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6? There are many types of Beta-Glucan; some help with digestion, some reduce cholesterol but only one type acts as an immuno modulator and is only really effective if refined properly.

The innate immune system is the most important element in our defence against infection and has been lulled into a state of low activity by our over-sanitised environment. Beta-Glucans are immuno-modulators; they restore the innate immune system to full effectiveness.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Closing date is 1st June 2013.
  2. This offer is only open to UK residents only.
  3. The prize is one Glucasan+ 60 capsule tub worth £22.99.
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