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WIN! £250 cash from Bitrex

WIN! £250 cash from Bitrex

Bitrex is the bitterest substance in the world. Added to household, garage and garden products it makes even the most toxic substance almost impossible to swallow. Vitally useful but potentially harmful products – from air-fresheners to anti-freeze; laundry detergent to slug-bait – can all be made safer by the inclusion of a tiny amount of this miracle ingredient.

As all parents and dry cleaners can testify, toddlers and children are Olympic class spitters. So when they taste a product containing Bitrex, they waste no time in spitting it out before it can do any real damage.

There’s no question that Bitrex is needed more than ever. Concentrated detergents, while overflowing with economic and environmental benefits to retailers and consumers, are much more risky for inquisitive toddlers. A huge range of products are coloured and perfumed to make them more attractive – just think about apple-scented detergents, and boxes of liquitabs like pirate treasure chests.

Bitrex was invented in Edinburgh in 1958, and since then has been helping protect adults, animals and generations of lively, inquisitive toddlers.

Bitrex doesn’t replace common sense or the well-established routines of locking dangerous products safely away, out of the reach of clever little hands. Nor does it replace child resistant closures.

But it does give parents the re-assurance of a third line of defence. Bitrex is always vigilant.

Many manufacturers and retailers are already helping to keep our children safe by adding Bitrex to their products. Now, we’d like you to help us encourage more manufacturers and retailers to do the same, by signing our online petition. Visit to find out more and sign your name, and like us on Facebook (




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