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Top 5 fake tan tips

applying fake_tan_03_07_12Fake tan: it’s likely you either love it or you hate it. Whether you’re a regular faker or are a first-timer looking to brighten up your body, heres our top five tips to transform your body from pitifully pale to beautifully bronzed without having to set foot in the sun!

1. Exfoliate
Grab those gloves and scrub away, especially at the areas where skin is rough eg elbows and knees. Exfoliation gloves can be found from as cheap as 90p!

2. Use gloves and a mitt
Nothing screams fake tan more then orange hands. To avoid this disaster simply throw on some gloves and a mitt, then fake tan to your heart’s content, without leaving any evidence behind.

3. Vaseline
To avoid fake tan gathering in places such as your eyebrows and making you patchy, dab a small amount of vaseline onto places such as the hairline, eyebrows upper lip etc. Be careful when applying Vaseline though or else you could end up very, very patchy.

4. Choose a shade suitable for you
If you are on the paler side of life, make sure that you choose a fair to medium fake tan, there’s nothing worse then a bright white face and mahogany legs! If you’re lucky enough to be darker skinned then go for a medium to dark/dark fake tan.

5. Good things come to those who wait
Once you have applied your fake tan, all you can do is wait. Depending on how aired the room is and how much fake tan you’ve applied, it should usually dry within five minutes. Avoid washing for at least 4-6 hours.

Words: Charlotte Cracknell

Picture credit: Shutterstock

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