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Top 10 energy saving tips!

Top 10 energy saving tips!
Winter’s here and your energy bills might be rising. Here are some fantastic energy saving tips, especially in the run up to Christmas:
  1. Do a free home energy check. The Energy Saving Trust has a very good website where you can see how efficient your home is and ways in which you can save money. In some circumstances, you could save up to £325 a year by taking their advice!
  2. Insulate your home. Energy companies are claiming bills will increase rapidly over the coming years, so an easy way to reduce your heating bills is with good insulation. Heat rises, so a poorly insulated roof will let all the heat out. It’s relatively cheap to buy and install too.
  3. Invest in good quality double glazing. By replacing old single glazed windows with B-rated windows from Anglian Home Improvements, you can reduce your heating bills by around £170 a year. They work by cutting out heat loss through the windows, but for extra savings, get A-rated windows as they can help heat your home!

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  1. Replace your boiler. An A-rated condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls can save you 30% on your heating bills each year. An investment worth doing.
  2. Energy saving light bulbs can save you a lot of money. Each bulb replaced with an energy saving bulb saves between £2-9 per year and can last about 10 times longer than a standard bulb. Changing halogen spotlights to LEDs can also save you up to £4 per year.
  3. Switch off appliances. Leaving your TV, computer on standby or lights on will wastes a lot of energy. Turning them off when not in use can save you a whopping £50-£90 a year!
  4. Turn your thermostat down. It may be getting cooler, but if you turn your thermostat down by just 1ºC, you could cut 10% off your annual fuel bill.
  5. Block cold draughts. Draught-proofing your windows and doors you could save around £30 a year on your heating bills. It is a simple, cheaper option to save money without replacing all of your windows.
  6. Monitor your energy. Smart energy monitors show you exactly how much electricity you are using and gives you the opportunity to track down items in the home that are guzzling the energy. This way you can reduce your energy bills further. Here’s a diary from Mrs Energy Saving who is a big fan of the handy little monitor.

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  1. Get help with the costs. Energy bills are going to continue to increase in price, so fixing up your home with energy saving products will help combat this. Energy Saving Trust has a superb page on their website sharing schemes to help you install these products, for example the Green Deal.


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