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Things women do that men hate

Things women do that men hate

Let’s admit it ladies, we’re forever reciting the relationship rules to men – “Don’t leave the toilet seat up!” “Stop looking at that woman’s chest,” “You’re not watching football tonight.” Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that sometimes, maybe we might be the annoying ones? Intrigued by the thought, I took to the Twitterverse and spoke to several men to find out what things women do that men hate.
And apparently, they hate it when:

1. We moan – Moaning and nagging go hand in hand. Men shut down altogether when they hear that familiar tone. If he’s not listening it’s because he just doesn’t care and whinging isn’t the way to get through to him, so save your breath girls. In their defense, they don’t complain when we leave the toilet seat down.

2. We hint – Men will never understand hints. Subtle hints don’t work. Strong hints don’t work. Blindingly obvious hints don’t work. Just tell him what it is you want!

3. We get jealous – Men, like us, are only human. (Although this is somewhat debatable.) If they see an attractive woman they will look at her. And why shouldn’t they? It’s a natural reaction, just like the one you get when you’re watching Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. When women are jealous of other women, they get bitchy. Out of the 13 guys I spoke to, 9 of them mentioned that hearing their girlfriends bitch about other women was a massive turn off.

4. We talk during programs – According to the guys, Sky+ isn’t an option, especially during sports games. So it seems as if we need to work on keeping our lips sealed… at least until it’s over.

5. They ask us what’s wrong and we say “nothing” – Men don’t have time for games, so if you tell him there’s nothing wrong, even if he knows there is, he will believe you, and you can’t get annoyed at him for not caring…after all he did ask.

6. We insist we are fat – After the 593rd time you’ve said it, what do you honestly want him to say when you whine about how fat you look in every outfit. If the roles were reversed it would get on our nerves just as much!

7. We bring up things they said three months ago to use in an argument – According to the man rules, anything they may have said to you months previous cannot be brought up in an argument and used against them. It’s an unfair advantage, especially seeing as he can’t remember what you said three minutes ago.

8. We misinterpret things – Quite honestly, if they weren’t so vague then this might not happen so often. eg. “Is that a new dress love?” “ARE YOU SAYING I LOOK UGLY?” Yeah that. They hate that.

9. We make an anniversary out of everything – I once saw a Facebook post which read. “Happy 19 Month Anniversary Babe.” So I know exactly where they’re coming from on this one. Don’t get upset because your partner doesn’t acknowledge your weekly anniversary. He’s probably just normal.

10. We ask them what they’re thinking – We all do it. ALL of us do it. Why? Because when your other half is deep in thought, you’re hoping that maybe, just maybe… he’s thinking about you. Well, you’re wrong. He is thinking about all -or one of- the following: 1. His car. 2. Sex. 3. Sex in the car 4. Food.

Note: Screaming “I HAVE NO CLOTHES” at an overflowing wardrobe and wearing UGG boots, also came high up on the list.

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  • Andrew Bowles

    See #8 – your reading what you want to into it !

  • Andrew Bowles

    Sexist ! cop out ! you are reading an article that tells women (generally) what men (generally) hate in relation to there communication or miss communication with women. Miss muddles, miss for a reason perhaps ? get off your soap box and look at this article for what it is, a window into the minds of others, you never know you might learn something ! well maybe not


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