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The 7 most annoying people on social media

The 7 most annoying people on social media

A recent survey by has found that fitness braggers have topped the list of annoying social media members. With so man platforms out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, no matter how much they annoy you, people are everywhere. Whether it’s the dieters, food bloggers, or cryptic tweeters, there’s some people that we’d love to ban from clogging up our timelines.

Now, we’re by no means telling you want you should post and where, because no matter how annoying it may be, we’re all guilty of it!’s survey found that although many of us are quick to complain, most of us will admit to at least four out of the seven social media sins.

1. The Fitness Boasters and Dieters

  • If you’ve got time to upload photos/update statuses about how hard you’re working at the gym, then you’re not working hard enough.
  • If you spent as much time working out as you did telling everyone you’re working out, you’d look like Jean Claud Van Damme.
  • They go on about how healthy they are going to be next week but will upload a photo of them eating a box of donuts and a pack of chocolate biscuits.
  • Dieters will inform you of how healthily they’ve eaten, how many calories they’ve burnt and how many pounds they’ve dropped, one post at a time. Block these people.

2. The Food Blogger

For this one, we’d like to give a special thanks to Insatgram, for, if it wasn’t for Instagram we’d have no idea what everyone was enjoying for breakfast/lunch/dinner. People telling you in great detail how amazing their mal was is annoying enough. For reasons we can’t even fathom, some people insist on photographing it… with filters. We’re photo-shopping food now?!

3. The Cryptic Tweeter

“It’s time” – Time for what?! Not only is cryptic tweeting a giant pain, it’s even worse when you inquire as to what is it you should be expecting, and they respond with ‘Can’t say on here’ Oh so – why did you just? – I don’t understand why – Nevermind… DELETE.

4. The Hashtagger

#There’s #nothing #worse #than #a #serial #hashtagger. First Twitter, then Instagram and now Facebook are finally introducing the hashtag. Brace yourselves for a whole lot more of: Look at this cute little puppy! #cute #adorable #dog #puppy #animal #love #heart #white #colours #paint #brush #Picasso #abstract #art

5. The Frustrated Politician

There’s nothing people love more than a good old political debate on Facebook. We’re just warning you, this is how wars begin! With all the recent tragedies and government scandals, more and more frustrated politicians are voicing their opinions via Facebook status updates and it continues to be just as annoying. If you’re a person who knows what they’re taking about you don’t need to be reaffirmed of this by people from your Facebook.

6. Mr & Mrs Check-In

“Abby has checked into Our Bed – with Greg”. Not only is this too much information, but why would you insist on having people know your whereabouts 24/7? Still, suppose if you go missing it would come in pretty handy.

7. The Candy Crushers

We’re really glad you have nothing to do but grow virtual carrots, raise virtual fish and crush virtual candy, and we apologise, but… we’re not willing to help you with this. We have our own lives to live. We have our own problems to deal with, and we refuse to feed this terrible addiction.

No.8 Added by our very own At Home readers:

People who tell others what they should and shouldn’t post on social media sites!

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