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How to get a taste of the world’s finest wines… without breaking the bank

France has the richest wine heritage of any country - when you think of ‘fine wine’ you’ll probably picture a bottle from one of its many impeccable regions. Filling a cellar with notable fine wines is expensive to say the least, but it needn’t be the only way to enjoy superior vintages. The ‘Reserve Collection’ from Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours offers guests the chance to visit properties that are nor ...

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How to stock up on seriously good champagne

Is there anything better than Champagne for celebrations, family gatherings, announcements or simple Mondays for that matter? It is never out of place, and always welcome. So you should probably have a bottle or two on hand… When it comes to good Champagne, off the shelf is not an option. You need to sample the Champagne to know which ones you want to stock your cellar (or wine rack) with. Weekend away in R ...

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An A to Z guide of the delicatessen

The deli is a foodie’s paradise, filled with mouthwatering produce from around the globe. Follow our A to Z guide of all the gourmet foods and wine you can buy there They’re packed with the freshest, most vibrant ingredients. The aromas that emanate from them alone are enough to leave you salivating – we can, of course, only be talking about the vast number of delicatessens that have been popping up on high ...

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Special types of sake

So far in his blog series, industry expert Oliver Hilton-Johnson has introduced the main types of sake. In this month’s article, he explains how there are other styles and other, less well-known types of sake on the market: The types of sake introduced last month can be brewed in a number of different ‘styles’. These ‘styles’ greatly affect the sake’s characteristics and can transform a mild-mannered Junmai ...

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