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How to create a feature wall

Whether you want to make a big statement or just revamp a dated room in your house, feature walls can create a big impact without having to break the bank. Here are our favourite ideas for you to pick from… ...

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How to wallpaper a room

Strip off those dated prints and transform your home, with our expert step by step wallpapering guide... 1) Preparation It's easiest to work in an empty space, so if you can, move all objects out of the room. Cover flooring with dust-sheets, and strip off all old paper, ensuring walls are smooth and dry. Fill in any cracks or holes and sand the filler when dry, leaving a bump-free surface. Paint any skirtin ...

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How to create your signature look using polished plaster

Polished or Italian plaster wall finishes offer a multitude of original decorative options for your home. These natural lime coatings can be used to create a wide range of effects, either standard or custom, to suit your contemporary or traditional interior style. Whether you are seeking a simple colour match, an intricate combination of different textures or design features such as banding, blockwork, pane ...

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Paint, wallpaper or polished plaster

If you’re looking for an original decorative option for your home, beyond the obvious choices of wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings, traditional paint or even tiles, consider polished plaster wall finishes. But how do they compare? Specialist Application The principal difference is the requirement for a specialist decorator to apply polished plaster. The skilled requirements of the material application are suc ...

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