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How to treat verrucas

Avoca is a simple to use home treatment for getting rid of verrucas, available from your pharmacy. The product reference is 680.  The product should be applied once a day for six days. The easy to follow video below 'how to use the pencil' should be watched before starting. You can view more on wart and verruca treatment at Verruca treatment tips: Make sure that only the tip of the pencil is ...

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How to get rid of those dreaded nursery nasties!

Kids are great, but they do pick up a few unsavoury ‘things’ when they mix with other children...Here’s how to deal with some of those dreaded nursery nasties When your children are little and are interacting with other children, due to the fact that they are often in close proximity – hugging, touching heads – unfortunately they can come home with more than just a grubby jumper and grazed knees. There are ...

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