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How to take the perfect selfie

The art of the selfie is a relatively new but sweeping epidemic. The fun and frivolity of capturing the ultimate effortless snap can take some serious preening and preparation. Being your own paparazzi is now a socially expected skill. Luckily, most of us actually carry enough technological equipment with us every day to produce a professional worthy self portrait from our trusty smart phones. With a little ...

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10 helpful uses of ice around the home

Removing dents from carpets, thickening sauces & smoothing caulk. Ice isn’t only to cool your drink; Here’s 10 other helpful uses of ice around the home. The most popular uses for ice are to chill our drinks, for injuries and keeping bottles of wine cool! However, there are lots of other useful ways to use ice cubes, so here’s 10 ways to use them around the home.   1.     Watering house plants and ...

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