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Keeping your toddlers entertained (and safe) around the pool

Having a shimmering pool at your disposal when on holiday is a real advantage. Children, whatever their ages, are just drawn to the cool crystal waters, wanting to jump straight in for a splash even before the cases are unpacked! Hours of splashing around make for some great entertainment, fun, laughter and energy burning exercise. All the shrieking and excitement is fabulous for the pool-savvy swimmer who’ ...

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Toddlers and touchscreens – too much too young

‘One in three kids can use a mobile phone before they can talk’ – this headline makes me twitch.  A recent survey (1) commissioned by U.S. pressure group Common Sense Media and electronic toy manufacturer Vtech, says that 38% of 2 year olds in America have used gadgets like iPhones or tablets for playing games or watching films. This figure has nearly quadrupled in 2 years! That is a massive and rapid jump ...

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