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How to make room for all those new toys and clothes

Recover from Christmas, de-clutter like a pro and make more space for your life! If like us, after Christmas you’re left with the age old problem of where to store new toys and clothes, then we have a range of storage solutions that are perfect. As seen on TV! If you’ve not seen the Packmate TV ad yet, don’t worry you can view it on YouTube here - it shows you some great ways you can store more in and aroun ...

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Six ways to declutter your home

Clutter is one of the biggest issues homeowners have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. If you can relate to this then check out our top tips on how to create an organised living space… ...

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How to clear the clutter that kids bring to our home

One of the inevitable truths of parenthood is that if you have children, your house is going to be bombarded with stuff – and lots of it! This is a common problem that many new parents may find overwhelming… If the patter of little feet is a familiar sound in your home, then the sight of pint-size clutter probably is too – (let’s face it rainbow drawings and miscellaneous school papers arrive home daily wit ...

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