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WIN! A selection of products from Janina Ultra White for teeth that sparkle

Janina Ultra White offers a range of teeth whitening products with a unique, clinically proven, low-abrasive formula to safely whiten teeth, without the use of harsh abrasives. The range is hydrogen peroxide free and contains the most active ingredients for good oral hygiene, while the whitening Bromaine Complex combines natural fruit enzymes from pineapple and papaya, to safely whiten your teeth. Janina Ul ...

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How to tell if your baby is teething

For many babies, teething is tough. As new teeth push up and start to emerge, little gums become swollen and tender. Sometimes you can see or feel the swelling of a new tooth bud. Other teething signs to look for include: Loss of appetite Restlessness and irritability Chewing hard objects Lots of drooling Flushed cheeks Teething tips Sometimes the distraction of a toy or playtime with mummy or daddy will be ...

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How to ensure kids healthy gums and teeth

As soon as (and even before) the first teeth appear, bacteria begins to accumulate in the mouth, which may combine with sweet and starchy foods to form acid that causes decay. This is why it is so important to remove the sugar and bacteria, so teeth and gums can stay clean and cavity-free. Most baby teeth, appear between the age of six and 12 months. By the age of three, children have an average of 20 teeth ...

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Top five most common brushing mistakes

There is a hidden art to brushing teeth. Dentists all agree that consistent brushing and flossing can help tooth decay, however, when done improperly, it can lead to bad teeth and frustrating realizations in the dentist office. Brushing effectively is important so that you can have a problem free visit to the dentist, but there are so many other factors to take into account when performing your brushing rit ...

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Choosing a dentist: everything you need to consider

There are several things you need to consider before choosing the best location to visit the dentist. If you do not work, then the local dentist is your best option, however if you work far from home, then the best thing to do is look for a dentist in the area that you work in. A lot of people have every intention of visiting their dentist every 6 months, but by the time they finish work and rush home, the ...

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