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How to help a teenager with bladder problems

Bladder problems in children can become an ongoing issue, even into their teenage years. Here's some expert advice on how to tackle the sensitive subject in your family.  1) Communication Talk about the problem and support your child. Teenage years can be a challenging time without the extra concerns about bladder control. Sleepovers and days out with friends can become a real issue and your child can start ...

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Bringing up teens: the latest stats

A study of 1,500 parents who have, or recently had, teenagers has illustrated the hard times other mums and dads are set to go through when their children enter the teenage years. During a time when emotions run high, teens can experience bouts of sulking and are likely to spend hours in the bathroom 66 times a year. They are also likely to empty the fridge of all its contents once or twice a week and arriv ...

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