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Top four gadgets for parents

With the overwhelming selection of gadgets for new parents on the market, it can be hard to pick out what is worthwhile. We select four of our favourite products for 2015… ...

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Technology in the playground

Sam Flatman, Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport, looks at how technology is changing our children’s playgrounds - for better or worse. In 2008, Britain saw the introduction of it’s very first hi-tech playground which used magnetic swipe cards to engage children in tasks and tracked their performance on the playground. The idea was that this new playground innovation would exercise children’s brains a ...

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In-app charges: How to keep your child’s down-time from costing you a fortune

This year Nintendo celebrates its 125th birthday. Starting as a Japanese company making traditional playing cards, Nintendo has been a key player in the development of the gaming world we know today. The first game console, once cutting edge technology, would probably look more like an antique to our children. So, it’s fair to say – the gaming world has changed a lot over the years. In game charges can be a ...

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The indoor generation

A new survey has found that a quarter of British kids spend less than six hours per week playing outside when they're at home. Instead, most of their time is spent inside playing with tech toys, meaning they now lack basic knowledge about the outdoors.  The study, conducted by UK-based garden furniture retailer Alfresia has found that many children are so unexposed to outdoor play that they are unable to id ...

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Toddlers and touchscreens – too much too young

‘One in three kids can use a mobile phone before they can talk’ – this headline makes me twitch.  A recent survey (1) commissioned by U.S. pressure group Common Sense Media and electronic toy manufacturer Vtech, says that 38% of 2 year olds in America have used gadgets like iPhones or tablets for playing games or watching films. This figure has nearly quadrupled in 2 years! That is a massive and rapid jump ...

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