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WIN! A swaddlebag from Puckababy

Puckababy have created award-winning products that are as versatile and practical as they are beautiful. Their innovative range of sleepwear and lifestyle solutions help comfort and sooth babies, promoting healthy and safe sleep. The range began with ‘The Original’ Piep and Mini swaddle bags. A lot of parents acknowledge the benefits of swaddling, however are unsure of how to do so, worried they are doing i ...

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Using a swaddling product to help get your newborn into a good routine

Ah! Those blissful couple of weeks when you bring your newborn baby home and all they do is feed and sleep, feed and sleep (and poop!) Many newborns spend their earliest days very drowsy, fall asleep easily and will often sleep for hours-but many don’t. Having a plan for how to encourage your new baby into a good feeding and sleeping pattern will help smooth the way if it’s not happening easily. I’m relucta ...

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Swaddling your baby: what you need to know

Swaddle wrapping has been used around the world for thousands of years. Before we had monitors, dummies and music boxes parents have been using swaddling to ensure their babies have a settled nights sleep. The tight wrapping associated with swaddling is used to mimic the sensation that babies are used to in the womb. This helps the baby to feel safe and secure in their new surroundings. Not only this, swadd ...

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