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Are you considering laser eye surgery?

Vision is one of the most valued senses - more and more people are looking to laser eye surgery to fix problems with their sight. Despite this, a recent high profile legal case has shown how eye surgery is not always as routine or risk free as many people believe. In this case, a young woman called Stephanie Holloway had laser eye surgery with a major high street opticians so that she could join the police. ...

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Flexible working – could it work for you (and your boss)?

As you’re probably already aware, traditionally the option for being able to work flexibly has only been offered to parents and carers, but that’s changing. In fact from 30 June 2014, anyone who’s worked for their employer for at least 6 months has the right to request flexible working.   So what is flexible working? Flexible working is about adapting your hours, working times and place you work to sui ...

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Mind the ‘Divoid’ – your life after divorce

Divorce offers many the chance for a fresh start and a happier outlook on life. So, it’s surprising that in a recent study (published January 2014), QualitySolicitors found 89% of those surveyed were worried about their general direction in life after their divorce – something they’ve termed the ‘Divoid’. The survey revealed that two thirds of parents have concerns about the impact of their divorce on their ...

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