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The new health rules for 2014

If you’re expecting to make the same resolutions for 2014 as the year before… think again. Here are the new health rules for 2014: Old rule: Switch to decaf New rule: A bit of caffeine is fine The good news for tea- and coffee-loving Brits is that the ‘dreaded’ caffeine is not such a dirty word after all. Your morning and afternoon cuppa can reduce your risk of depression, possibly because of its mild mood- ...

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How to clear the clutter that kids bring to our home

One of the inevitable truths of parenthood is that if you have children, your house is going to be bombarded with stuff – and lots of it! This is a common problem that many new parents may find overwhelming… If the patter of little feet is a familiar sound in your home, then the sight of pint-size clutter probably is too – (let’s face it rainbow drawings and miscellaneous school papers arrive home daily wit ...

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