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How to establish a good bedtime routine

The first step to getting your baby to have a good night’s sleep is establishing a bedtime routine. It is tempting for parents to rush through bath time and get their children off to bed, but remember this time should be kept calm and relaxing, helping them to unwind before a restful night. Here are nspa’s expert tips for a good bedtime routine: Establish a set bedtime and start the routine 45 minutes befor ...

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How to help your baby sleep in the heat

Here in the UK we have an obsession with the weather and temperature control.  And with so much written on the importance of keeping babies the right temperature it’s no wonder we parents worry if our baby is too hot or too cold. Temperature regulation in babies is important as they don’t have the ability to safely control it themselves. Because of this, severe overheating in babies has been linked to Sudde ...

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Using a swaddling product to help get your newborn into a good routine

Ah! Those blissful couple of weeks when you bring your newborn baby home and all they do is feed and sleep, feed and sleep (and poop!) Many newborns spend their earliest days very drowsy, fall asleep easily and will often sleep for hours-but many don’t. Having a plan for how to encourage your new baby into a good feeding and sleeping pattern will help smooth the way if it’s not happening easily. I’m relucta ...

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