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Why parents should say ‘okay’ to risk-taking in outdoor play

Sam Flatman, Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport, says parents need to be brave and let their children take risks during play time. It can be tough to let our children go it alone, but being brave and letting children take on challenging situations without a helping hand will improve their self-esteem, enable them to rise to new challenges and help them learn how to cope with perceived dangers. Risky ...

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The eight most common cancer risks

Dr Christian Jessen, renowned for his no-nonsense approach to health issues, tackles common cancer myths head on   You’ve heard it all before – the most sensible way to help cut your risk of the big C is by quitting smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthily and protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. But there are some unexpected risk factors for the disease you may not know abo ...

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