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How to make sure your renovation or extension projects runs smoothly

You’ve decided to extend or renovate your home, and you’re researching contractors to undertake all or part of the work – what do you need to know to protect your interests? Your home insurance won’t cover the work – you need separate insurance The majority of household policies exclude contract works – some insurers will take you off cover immediately if they know you’re having work done. Cover extensions ...

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Quick fixes, big results

Is your home in need of a facelift but you don’t have the time or the budget for a complete renovation? Take a look at these quick fixes that will update your living space with minimal fuss… ...

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How to get rid of those ceiling cracks

A ceiling always works and moves, so it's no surprise that you can see cracks in your ceiling after a few years, and it's guaranteed you will get them. After analysing the different options to get rid of those infamous ceiling cracks, we have found several alternatives. 1) The simple option is to fill in those cracks with any filler available in DIY shops. It is quite quick, anyone (almost) could do it, but ...

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Improve your home with these 60 minute marvels

Give your rooms some va-va-voom with top tips and tricks from makeover experts. Let’s face it, everyone loves taking a peek inside someone else’s home to see what ideas they can steal and how their own décor compares. And now, with the much anticipated arrival of 60 Minute Makeover back on your screens, presented by none other than our cover star Mr Peter Andre, improving your home’s interiors for 2014 has ...

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