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Protecting your heating system

Protecting your system with water softeners, filters, chemicals and general maintenance are a major factor in the warranty of the major component of a heating system the boiler. Protecting the water in the system is important to stop corrosion and then the magnetite going into the boilers heat exchanger. Filters are used for this like the Fernox TF1 Filter which uses magnets and debris separators to filter ...

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Looking after your home during the cold and wet months

Over the past 5 years we have seen varying types of winter and spring months. In 2012 we had the ‘Big Freeze’ and in 2013/2014 we had the ‘Big Floods’. With this in mind, it can be difficult to making sure that your home is prepared for all eventualities. Below are 10 ways which can help you do this: Make sure all exposed pipes in the attic, basement and outside are lagged to prevent freezing. Maintain the ...

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Rediscover the confidence to remain independent

Working as a nurse in the community I have come across many people that have found that personal alarm systems have helped them rediscover the confidence to remain living in their own home. After a fall or a moment of panic at home, it is often the case that people feel insecure about being alone, but a pendant alarm can provide that reassurance that should something happen help can be summoned at the press ...

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How to avoid rogue traders

With Britain in the midst of summer and the property market on a high, homeowners will be gearing up to tackle home improvements and DIY jobs. However, Kevin Byrne of national vetting service is urging homeowners to beware of rogue traders and cowboy builders, who will use any trick they can to make a quick buck! ...

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