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How to relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain

IMPORTANT: This guide to PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN is meant to be for information purposes only, not as a medical diagnosis. Always consult your GP for medical advice. Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) is a condition of pregnancy and postpartum, with a significant number of women experiencing some degree of discomfort in the pelvic region. Symptoms and severity can vary between women and the pain can occur at any stage in ...

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Copper foods for healthy eating

Copper is a fundamental element of good health for parents and children, and is especially important for expectant mothers, so how do you ensure you’re getting enough of it? Copper is not manufactured or stored in the body, so it must be obtained from food and water each day as part of a balanced diet. Developing babies depend on copper in the womb and beyond.  Their bodies stock up on copper during the fin ...

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Infertility: the facts, causes and treatments

One in six couples experiences difficulty conceiving, but advances in medical techniques mean that many of the causes can be rectified Failing to get pregnant after two years of regular unprotected sex is classed as infertility, according to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). However, it’s advisable to visit your doctor after one year of trying, as 85% of couples conceive naturally withi ...

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Pamper yourself during pregnancy

Now’s the time to enjoy some pregnancy pampering with these beauty fixes for mums-to-be. Your body, as you know it, is changing. The bump is expanding and, while this is a magical time, you may feel as if you’re turning into somebody that you no longer recognise. After all, with a growing belly comes a host of beauty concerns; from unsightly stretch marks to swollen breasts, blotchy skin to puffy feet. You ...

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