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WIN! £100 worth of Amazon gift vouchers with Profile Financial

Profile Financial is the UK’s leading Pension Comparison and Advice Service in the UK, specialising in helping you find a better deal on your pension savings. Every month your pension pot is being raided – even though you may not realise it- because your pension provider is taking money out of your fund to pay for its management charges. Profile helps you by carrying out a free review of your current pensio ...

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How to stay on track with your pension

Women have a lot more trouble staying on track with their pension savings than men, for a number of reasons... They are generally the ones who either reduce working hours or stay at home to bring up the children, and they also tend to earn less than their male counterparts. Both of these facts make it difficult for women to keep their pensions on track so they can enjoy the retirement they deserve, but ther ...

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How and why you should save for retirement

Are you one of the many people not putting money aside for retirement? Find out how, and why, you should save up for your prime When it comes to investing in a new, exciting venture such as buying a house, everyone errs on the side of caution. People ask themselves questions such as, ‘Am I getting the best deal on a mortgage?’ and ‘What sort of loan shall I take out?’ Others devote hours to research in orde ...

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