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How to plan your Orlando theme park holiday

This is not the kind of holiday you can take in a freewheeling, make-it-up-as-you-go-along kind of way. The amount and complexity of attractions make it essential to know what you want to do before you set out, including having, at the least, a rough day-by-day plan while you are there.  1) Buy your attraction tickets in advance You really will save time and money if you have all your theme park tickets bef ...

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Behind the scenes at Diagon Alley – what NOT to miss!

Universal Orlando's Diagon Alley is packed with every detail imaginable from the Harry Potter books and movies, but a few features of this new Wizarding World expansion in particular have captured the imagination of Harry's legions of fans worldwide. The grand opening is upon us so here's a quick peek at some of the most anticipated elements: #1 Escape from Gringotts: The all new 3-D ride twists, turns and ...

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