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Internet Matters survey reveals children as young as 11 post an average of 26 times a day

Internet Matters has launched its 'social about social' campaign - helping parents protect their children across social media, as new figures reveal children as young as 11 post an average of 26 times a day, attract 100 followers to every one of their profiles - yet six out of 10 of them are not real friends. Parents are being given tips on how to tackle issues from privacy, tagging and geo-location setting ...

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Get your tech gift set up safe before you wrap them up

Parents are being urged to unbox their children’s tech Christmas presents and set them up safe before wrapping them up in a new campaign by Internet Matters launched by television host Ulrika Jonsson. Mother-of-four Ulrika has talked candidly about her own difficulties keeping her children safe online, and encourages other parents to have open conversations with their children about using the internet and t ...

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How to help my child stay safe online

Every parent needs some advice about challenging issues from time to time. And when it comes to your children’s internet safety, even for the most technologically aware, it can be daunting and confusing. Research backs this up with 47% of parents worrying about how much time their children spend online. The internet can be a safe and wonderful place for young people, and with the right checks and balances i ...

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How to… keep your children safe online

“As a mum of two, I know the safety of your child is the biggest concern for any family,” says Lucy Woodward, Interactive Live Services Director at Disney’s Club Penguin. “As parents, we prepare our children for the outside world, ensuring they cross the road safely when walking to school looking left and right, and it’s important we extend this to preparing them for the online world too. “At Disney’s Club ...

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