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WIN! The finest natural drinking water filters for your home, from Doulton naturally

Doulton naturally introduce a new range of easy fit, superior performance, under the sink drinking water filters - that let you choose what you want to filter out of your drinking water, and how you want your water to taste. Doulton naturally, filters your water through a naturally occurring ceramic, one of the earth’s most natural substances, just as nature filters water through layers of rock. This gives ...

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Let there be light!

Whether it’s ‘Location, Location, Location’, ‘Property ladder’ or one of the other many property shows on television these days, one of the most common phrases you’ll hear prospective home-buyers positively utter is ‘it’s light and airy’ usually preceded with an ‘ooh’ and a smile. But why is ‘light and airy’ an important factor when buying a home, is it because we all like a clutter-free space which we can ...

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