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Dispelling the myths on recruitment

In recent years, the perception of the recruitment industry has changed drastically. It is now seen as a career of choice for many aspirational professionals and has largely moved away from the tainted image it once had. Despite this, however, there are still a number of misconceptions about the hiring arena. So what are they? I’ll spend all day cold calling This is perhaps one of the more common misconcept ...

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Unveiling the truth about infertility

With egg freezing and IVF high on the UK news agenda, there is much speculation surrounding the topic of assisted fertility. From lifestyle choices that might thwart the chances of conceiving, to selecting the gender of your future baby, there’s an awful lot of confusion about fertility and fertility treatments. To separate fact from fiction, internationally renowned Dr Manuel Muñoz of IVI Fertility Clinic ...

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Drinking myths: facts vs fiction

When it comes to booze, can you tell the old wives' tales from the reality? You could be putting your health at risk if you don't wise up to the truth about your tipple...  1. It’s OK to drive after a couple of drinks No, it isn’t. You can never be sure exactly how much will take you over the limit, and even a tiny amount of alcohol can cause slower reaction times and difficulty processing information. The ...

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Common adoption myths, busted!

Adoption can be an enriching, rewarding process. Despite the clear benefits to children and adopters, many potential parents are missing out because they don’t think they are eligible to become adopters. With 6,000 children across the UK needing a home, busting some of the myths around who can and can’t apply to become a family is essential. We’ve separated the fact from the fiction to ask ‘could it be you? ...

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10 medical myths busted

Do you still buy into old wives' tales and myths about your health? We investigate the truth behind the advice... prepare to be surprised!    1. Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of cartilage in your joints, allowing bones to rub together painfully. It’s caused by age and general wear and tear. Repetitive motions and being overweight can also increase you ...

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