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How to save for your house deposit

First time buyers have to save an average of nearly £9,000 today for a 5% house deposit - or around £17,700 for a 10% deposit. That’s around 30% - 60% of the average income. It sounds like a hard task, but there are ways to get the savings ball rolling – you just need to pick the right savings plan for you. How much deposit do you need? The average house price in England and Wales at the end of 2014 was £17 ...

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Three ways you may be a mortgage prisoner locked into your home

As mortgage lending rules tightened and new restrictions were imposed, more and more UK homeowners found themselves effectively trapped with their current mortgage lender and as a result, were forced to stay in their homes. A combination of falling house prices, high LTV’s, the elimination of self-certification and the restrictions on interest-only have meant that many borrowers have found themselves unable ...

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