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Relax your mind with mindfulness

SOS You’ve got your tax return to file, your son’s Bar Mitzvah to plan, the in-laws are coming to stay and the dog ate your new handbag. Annoyingly there’s no remote to control it all with, but there are ways to press pause on that Tetris game building up in your head! The remedy Mindfulness is trending for a reason. Ruby Wax teaches it, the NHS praises it and stressed out heads everywhere are going wild fo ...

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How to give your mind a spring clean

Feeling burdened? Get out your mental mop and duster and give your brain a good airing Are you losing sleep over your growing list of chores? Perhaps you’re getting fed up of blowing your temper in queues, or spending days filled with anxiety at the prospect of a big work project? If so, chances are you’re suffering from a case of ‘brain overload’. It’s time to find out just what’s going on in your head, an ...

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