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How to choose the right outdoor lighting

Illumination for safety reasons To guide visitors to your front door you may wish to consider LED floodlighting, wall lights or porch lights with either motion sensors (PIR's) or Dusk-to-Dawn sensors (Photocells). For paths and driveways you may wish to consider step and brick lighting, buried uplights or bollard path lights. Illumination for decorative effects For highlighting structures, soffits, water fe ...

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WIN! £100 of B&Q vouchers, courtesy of Exterior Lights UK!

Now’s the time to be illuminating your garden, driveway or the outside of your home from Exterior Lights UK extensive variety of light fittings to cater for all budgets. Their suppliers are UK and German based, with many carrying extended warranties. They offer exceptionally durable Marine Grade 316 stainless steel fittings - especially for those living near to coastal areas - along with other grades of sta ...

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How to light your property

The size of your garden or driveway will determine how many lights you can place around it, and if you try to put too many in a small space you will almost certainly overdo it. Sometimes less is more. Another factor is the amount of features you already have, be it statues, walkways, decking, water features, ponds, rockery, lawns or trees. All these things can be lit up at night, and knowing the layout of t ...

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How to save money on your electricity bills with LED lights

So, as you may have heard, LED lights are the new and upcoming biggest thing to help you save money on your energy bills. With the banning of incandescent light bulbs and the expectant phase out of halogen light bulbs due to their high energy usage (1), there are even more reasons to be in favour of a new, great quality, energy efficient product available. LED lighting is simple and can be fitted without an ...

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How to transform your space with lighting

Updating your interior doesn't have to involve a long-term project. Doing something as simple as changing your lighting can add that special finishing touch or completely transform your space. The possibilities are endless! 1) Divide your space If you're lucky enough to have a vast amount of space in your home, then you may have encountered the problem of knowing what to do with it all. A great way to divid ...

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Light bulbs and energy saving – The facts

Energy saving can best be described as the most energy efficient option for the application and under the circumstances. It would be unreasonable to fit large CFL lamps to a glorious crystal chandelier where the lamps are in view. Similarly it would be sheer folly to try and light a football stadium using CFL lamps for their next evening fixture. There is a great deal of misinformation and confusion about t ...

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