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How to learn a language later in life 

Are you too old to learn a language? Absolutely not! It is commonly believed that children soak up languages quickly and easily; what is less well known is that adult learners hold a number of trump cards when it comes to learning a language later in life – and that this might in fact be the best time for you to learn a language! The great advantage that adult learners have in learning a language is time, m ...

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How to make sure your child adopts good learning habits

In their earliest years, children learn almost exclusively by imitating other people. They see their parents laugh, and they laugh with them. They hear them talk and babble along too. They notice curse words we may say in front of them when we’re not paying attention. They learn to eat with a knife and fork — and the parents’ table manners become the children’s own. Or maybe not. Children internalise good l ...

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How to boost children’s problem solving skills

Sam Flatman, Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport, talks spatial play, problem solving and traditional toys. You might be thinking that rotating tetris blocks on the iPad and navigating Minecraft are the best ways for our children to practise their problem solving skills, but new research has revealed that traditional methods can work wonders. Playing with old fashioned toys such as jigsaw puzzles and ...

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Five fun science experiments for children

Sam Flatman, Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport, believes that science can be fun and that experimenting is essential to learning. Children often have a love-hate relationship with science. Children adore experimenting with new ideas and seeing science come to life, so getting hands on is a great way to tackle challenging concepts. Science doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom; there are plent ...

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10 tips for choosing the perfect school

Industry expert Denise Vincent shares her top ten tips for choosing the perfect school for your children. 'Schools today are laying much more emphasis on marketing and branding, often creating an image that’s not quite the full picture, says Denise. 'Savvy mums are aware that they need to delve beneath the polished prospectus and carefully crafted open day in order to choose the right school for their child ...

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Are male teachers good role models for boys?

Industry expert Siobhan Ridley ponders over how few male teachers she's seen at her sons school recently – and why there needs to be more. 'A comment from a mum at the school gates the other day got me thinking about the disparity between the number of male and female teachers in UK primary schools,' says Siobhan. 'She mentioned how nice it was that they had a male football coach for an after-school club an ...

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