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WIN! An iPad mini, courtesy of Barbados Fertility Centre!

Barbados Fertility Centre is a JCI accredited centre of excellence for IVF located on the tranquil Caribbean island of Barbados.   They offer their patients cutting edge technology at a low treatment cost, with high success rates - all in a relaxing environment. Their medical team leave no stone unturned to increase your chance of success. At Barbados Fertility Centre, they are all about family, they want y ...

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Unveiling the truth about infertility

With egg freezing and IVF high on the UK news agenda, there is much speculation surrounding the topic of assisted fertility. From lifestyle choices that might thwart the chances of conceiving, to selecting the gender of your future baby, there’s an awful lot of confusion about fertility and fertility treatments. To separate fact from fiction, internationally renowned Dr Manuel Muñoz of IVI Fertility Clinic ...

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