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Catch up with Dr Christian

We get up close and personal with our favourite doc, to find out more about what makes him tick... Google says so… Admit it. You’ve searched your symptoms on the internet. Just about everyone does and, thankfully, Dr Christian is not opposed to that. ‘Google diagnosing isn’t really dangerous in itself, it’s how you process the information you discover and where you get that information from. That’s what may ...

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Dr Christian Jessen talks being gay and the pitfalls of fame

Never someone to shy away from controversy, Dr Christian recently took part in a television documentary about ‘curing homosexuality.’ At one point he found himself sitting in an empty room, covered in his own vomit as part of an aversion therapy treatment to ‘stop’ him being homosexual. ‘It was like torture,’ he told at home. ‘It was really horrible and very emotional.’ Called Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’ ...

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Exclusive interview with Amy Childs

From table tennis champ to a brain for business, read our Exclusive interview with Amy Childs... Essex babe Amy Childs, 23, has come a long way from her days as a reality TV star on TOWIE. With stylish clothing ranges, beauty products, a salon, a new tanning academy, model assignments and even acting roles to her name, this super-savvy business woman proves that she’s not just a pretty face. Amy reveals all ...

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