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How to make a statement with art around the home

From creating a collage of prints to putting up huge paintings, there are many ways you can use art to bring a room to life or add a touch of personality to a property. Here, Sarah Ritchie, creative director of The Gifted Few, offers her advice on how to choose the right pieces and present them in an effective way.   Pick a theme When choosing art for a room, think about what theme you want to follow. ...

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Polished plaster: Should you work with an architect or an interior designer?

If you’re looking for an original decorative option for your home, beyond the obvious choices of wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings, traditional paint or even tiles, then you may want to consider Italian plaster wall finishes. But how do you go about pricing and ordering (or ‘specifying’) the finish? The huge variety of finishes and design considerations available with polished plaster finishes can be initiall ...

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