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How to keep the warmth in your home

When it comes to keeping warm, you wouldn't just chuck on a jumper - you know that wearing a hat, gloves, thermal socks and a wool coat will do a much better job of keeping the winter chills at bay. So too with your home. When doing home improvements, look at it as a whole. Just insulating the roof is not going to provide maximum benefits when you've got leaky cavity walls. Looking at how your home performs ...

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How to insulate your floor

Heat loss through a solid floor can cost you money and drastically reduce the energy efficiency of your home. Many older homes will have ground floors made from either uninsulated or poorly insulated solid concrete. Enviroform can treat these solid floors with floor insulation for your comfort. And, it will also save you money. For this sort of project they typically use Ultratherm aerogel flooring. It is t ...

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How to use SureCav® to the best advantage

1) SureCav enables construction of outer leaf without block backing wall Problem: How can I build with random stonework without a block backing wall? Solution: SureCav®25 or SureCav®50 is a moulded, 100% recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions, forming a 25mm or 50mm clear cavity respectively. This will allow for a stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf to be built without the need of an add ...

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What to do if your conservatory is too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter

Traditionally conservatories were built onto larger houses and only used as a room during spring and autumn when temperatures were comfortable or they were used to grow exotic plants, in fact the definition of conservatory is “greenhouse”. Many properties are short on living space and a conservatory seems the ideal solution, with several styles to choose from it can certainly look good on most houses (an ex ...

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Is it time to introduce triple glazing into your home?

We’re going to have to accept that, although we're nearing Spring, our unpredictable British weather means your home’s heating system will still be working extra hard as the temperatures fluctuate.  Over the past few years, the UK has been experiencing increasingly cold winters, and with the steadily rising costs of oil and gas, we’ve seen our heating bills getting larger year on year. The cost of heating a ...

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