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How to lay a patio

Before you begin... Always dry lay your patio first, a simple job of laying out the paving as you want the finished patio to be. Check size, layout and more importantly, that you have enough paving slabs! STEP 1: Digging the foundation You need to allow 150mm for foundation mix and paving, and if you are laying directly next to a house then the finished patio should be at least 150mm below the damp proof co ...

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Designing for downsizing

Downsizing is a big change, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on waking up every morning in a home that excites you. If you were in any doubt, one look through a newspaper, magazine or the TV schedule will confirm that the adage: "An Englishman's home is his castle," is as true as ever and there are many TV shows and magazine articles to help us make our homes perfect. However, very few specialise in des ...

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What to do if your conservatory is too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter

Traditionally conservatories were built onto larger houses and only used as a room during spring and autumn when temperatures were comfortable or they were used to grow exotic plants, in fact the definition of conservatory is “greenhouse”. Many properties are short on living space and a conservatory seems the ideal solution, with several styles to choose from it can certainly look good on most houses (an ex ...

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How to get rid of those ceiling cracks

A ceiling always works and moves, so it's no surprise that you can see cracks in your ceiling after a few years, and it's guaranteed you will get them. After analysing the different options to get rid of those infamous ceiling cracks, we have found several alternatives. 1) The simple option is to fill in those cracks with any filler available in DIY shops. It is quite quick, anyone (almost) could do it, but ...

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How to… upholster a chair

There are so many good chairs out there that are just plain uncomfortable in their own skin. It is time that we liberate them and give them new life! Here's how you can upholster a chair. STEP 1: Prepare the seat Strip the seat pad to reveal the empty frame. Using a staple gun, weave and attach strips of elastic webbing across the frame to give the seat a bit of a bounce. Then turn the frame over. ...

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WIN! Tickets to the Ideal Home Show for you and a friend

This March, the award winning Ideal Home Show will return for its 106th year and we are offering ten lucky readers the chance to go for free! Running from 14th – 30th March at London's Earls Court and with seven sections including: Ideal Interiors, Ideal Show Homes, Ideal Gardens, Ideal Home Improvements, Ideal Technology, Ideal Food & Housewares, Ideal Shopping and Ideal Woman this year's show is set t ...

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