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On site – getting the plaster project right!

Italian or polished plaster wall finishes offer an original decorative option for your home, but how do you ensure the perfect result? When working with application specialist, seek out testimonials or examples of previous work. This can be a good investment in your time to ensure a quality finished result. Substrate preparation is absolutely essential to the success of the plaster finish. Any bumps, flares ...

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Design considerations using polished plaster in swimming pools and wet areas

The specification of decorative finishes for high humidity or wet areas (such as swimming pools, spas and bathrooms) can be a challenge. Polished plaster can provide a perfect choice for demanding interiors which require a high-end aesthetic. Natural mineral finishes are breathable and provide excellent resistance to mould, fungal or algal growth. Polished plaster can be used to great effect in wet areas to ...

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Polished plaster as modular panels for speed and impact

Polished or Italian plaster wall finishes are traditionally installed seamlessly – directly to the wall substrate. Modern application methods allow the finishes to be pre-applied onto modular panels and wall mounted. These finished panels can then create integrated systems or design statement single artwork pieces. The panels can be hung and removed as required, with no specialist installation necessary. A ...

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Improve your home with these 60 minute marvels

Give your rooms some va-va-voom with top tips and tricks from makeover experts. Let’s face it, everyone loves taking a peek inside someone else’s home to see what ideas they can steal and how their own décor compares. And now, with the much anticipated arrival of 60 Minute Makeover back on your screens, presented by none other than our cover star Mr Peter Andre, improving your home’s interiors for 2014 has ...

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