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How to buy comfortable shoes

We all have a pair of shoes in our wardrobe which we are proud to call “my shoes”. They are so comfortable and so loved that when they take their final step it’s a sad day indeed. We feel that we’ll never find another pair like them. However, if you know what to look for, you can buy shoes that will be comfortable all day long – making every pair “my shoes” and replacing the irreplaceable. Get the right fit ...

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How to walk in heels on your Valentine’s date night

Your twitter feed is full of 'the boy did good' pics next to the obligatory Michael Kors accessory. It's sickening. But then you're handed a smartly labelled box, and suddenly this man (shop assistant or lover) is a hero. Your darling, sweetheart has handed you a gorgeous pair of heels, perfect for your Valentine's date night. But then the panic sets in, and you're filled with the image of your grand entran ...

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Top 5 tips on how to walk in your Christmas party heels

On the 12th day of Christmas your true love gave to you… a gorgeous pair of new Jimmy Choos. But then the panic sets in, and a social anxiety fills you with the image of your grand entrance to the staff christmas party ending in you and your four inches in a dishevelled heap on the floor. That is not the ideal glamourous wrap to your year that you had wished for. To save some embarrassment and hopefully som ...

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The perfect festive shoes for Christmas 2013

As you start planning your festive wardrobe, your attention turns to creating an outfit to remember, which of course includes a perfect pair of shoes! Many ladies turn to sky-scraper heels and styles with pointed toes, but these could cause you more discomfort than enjoyment as you do the rounds of this year's Christmas parties. Compressing toes into pointed shoes and wearing heels higher than two inches fo ...

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