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How to keep the warmth in your home

When it comes to keeping warm, you wouldn't just chuck on a jumper - you know that wearing a hat, gloves, thermal socks and a wool coat will do a much better job of keeping the winter chills at bay. So too with your home. When doing home improvements, look at it as a whole. Just insulating the roof is not going to provide maximum benefits when you've got leaky cavity walls. Looking at how your home performs ...

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How to help your baby sleep in the heat

Here in the UK we have an obsession with the weather and temperature control.  And with so much written on the importance of keeping babies the right temperature it’s no wonder we parents worry if our baby is too hot or too cold. Temperature regulation in babies is important as they don’t have the ability to safely control it themselves. Because of this, severe overheating in babies has been linked to Sudde ...

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