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WIN! A FUT hair transplant including consultations from Dr. Mabroor Bhatty, worth up to £8,000!

As one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and a specialist in hair transplant surgery, Dr Mabroor Bhatty can help restore your hair line and stop hair loss altogether using specialist hair transplant techniques. Suffering from hair loss can hugely affect your life, causing low self-esteem, knocking your confidence and even affecting relationships at home and at work. But more and more people are now turni ...

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Is hair loss hereditary?

You only have to look at the experience of the royal family to see that the answer is, in most cases, yes. From Prince Philip, to Prince Charles and now to Prince William each new generation of the Windsors is experiencing hair loss. There are even signs that Prince William's younger brother, Prince Harry, is thinning around the crown. It was previously thought that hair loss was more likely to be hereditar ...

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