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Gas systems: a basic guide to components and typical applications

There are two types of gas boilers, LPG and natural gas or piped gas. The former is often found where the property is of mains. Natural gas is a far more affordable option due the nature of its supply and manufacturers have the largest ranges available in this fuel type. All gas boilers need to vent the emissions to the outside and this is done by a flue kit. All flues are now powered and push the emissions ...

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Is it time to introduce triple glazing into your home?

We’re going to have to accept that, although we're nearing Spring, our unpredictable British weather means your home’s heating system will still be working extra hard as the temperatures fluctuate.  Over the past few years, the UK has been experiencing increasingly cold winters, and with the steadily rising costs of oil and gas, we’ve seen our heating bills getting larger year on year. The cost of heating a ...

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