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Why children should play with their fruit and veg

Sam Flatman, Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport, says that parents should let their children get hands on and creative with their fruit and vegetables. We’re always taught that it’s not nice to play with our food but new research suggests that maybe we should. It turns out that squishing that banana and snapping those green beans could encourage children to eat their greens. The study, which was base ...

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WIN! One of five 3 in 1 Kenwood smoothie makers courtesy of Fyffes

Here at Fyffes we’ve been bringing bananas to the UK for 125 years – it all started in 1888 when Edward Wathen Fyffe imported his first few bunches of bananas from the Canary Islands. And nowadays bananas are one of the nation’s favourite fruits – prized not only for their delicious flavour, but also for their contribution to our 5-a-day. Most of us will have eaten a banana at breakfast time, as a snack dur ...

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Banana power all day long

Sporty types love bananas because they know the secret of this sweet, delicious little fruit – it’s a natural energy bar! An athlete’s ability to train and recover from training, to compete and keep on competing is directly affected by diet. To perform to the best of their ability, their diet needs to be relatively low in fat yet high in energy and they need to ensure that it contains a range of essential v ...

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A juice myth de-bunked: vegetable versus fruit

Juicing took the UK by storm this summer, but ‘juice’ to some is synonymous with a bottle or carton of sugary fruit juice. However, making your own fresh vegetable juice at home can be incredibly beneficial for your health (especially over the upcoming winter months when you might be feeling the effects of illness being spread around).  The British public is constantly bombarded with messages about health. ...

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