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How to become an egg donor

Egg donation offers new hope for a large number of women who previously thought they could never have children. For example, some women experience premature menopause at an early age. Others may have undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or are carriers of a genetic disorder and do not wish to pass their condition onto their unborn child. Criteria Ideally, egg donors should be between the ages of 18 and 35 ...

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Unveiling the truth about infertility

With egg freezing and IVF high on the UK news agenda, there is much speculation surrounding the topic of assisted fertility. From lifestyle choices that might thwart the chances of conceiving, to selecting the gender of your future baby, there’s an awful lot of confusion about fertility and fertility treatments. To separate fact from fiction, internationally renowned Dr Manuel Muñoz of IVI Fertility Clinic ...

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Infertility: the facts, causes and treatments

One in six couples experiences difficulty conceiving, but advances in medical techniques mean that many of the causes can be rectified Failing to get pregnant after two years of regular unprotected sex is classed as infertility, according to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). However, it’s advisable to visit your doctor after one year of trying, as 85% of couples conceive naturally withi ...

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